Notwithstanding Inevitabilities

Axis Mundi


The concept of negative indices has multiple perspectives, which as they stand are of the barest interest to us. Take for instance:

Negative-index metamaterial or negative-index material (NIM) is a metamaterial whose refractive index for an electromagnetic wave has a negative value over some frequency range.1

In addition, tepid sacrifice, know that:

Engineered materials composed of designed inclusions can exhibit exotic and unique electromagnetic properties not inherent in the individual constituent components. These artificially structured composites, known as metamaterials, have the potential to fill critical voids in the electromagnetic spectrum where material response is limited and enable the construction of novel devices.2

To the humble acolyte naturally then posing the question, ‘Are negative array indexes allowed in C? [a programming language]’, respond, but simultaneously, don’t:

There's no magic. It's a 1-1 equivalence. As always when dereferencing a pointer (*), you need to be sure it's pointing to a valid address.3

Perhaps the question is unreasonable, though it’s possible the answer is insufficient. In these three examples, some form of order is demonstrated in its own context. Meanwhile, the Index lives in chaos as a distinct entity, in doing so inferring order, yet any perceived order is chaotic in nature and thus overrides all notion of entitativity, so to speak.

Instead, let us consider the Schematic, which the Index provides.

The Index is not the Schematic.

What? Does our form still perplex you?